Meta Price Slash: Quest 2 128GB Model is Now $199!

The previous generation of the Meta VR headset, Meta Quest 2, is getting a large price drop.

The VR headset is dropping from $299 to $199. The model that will be affected is the Meta Quest 2 128 GB, which will now be the most affordable VR headset for anyone who wants a virtual experience.

Quest 2 was first released in 2020 for $299. During the inflation of 2022, there was a price jump to $399. The $199 price decrease is the lowest it has ever been since it debuted in June 2021.

“From home fitness to fully immersive gaming to 2D entertainment, Meta Quest 2 is the most affordable way to tap into everything VR has to offer, and we’re doubling down by making our recent price drop permanent,” says Meta.

The price drop shouldn’t be a surprise considering the release of Quest 3 in October. The latest generation is sold for $499, making Meta Quest 2 the most affordable VR headset.

Meta also announced that the price of Quest 2 accessories will drop. The Elite Strap is now $24.00, the Elite Strap with Battery is now sold at $45, and the Carrying Case is now $20. The company’s Active Pack is now reduced to $30, and its Fit Pack is seeing its price drop to $20.

The original Quest headset, which was released back in 2019, currently has no support, new updates, or new apps. Consumers rightfully fear this may be the beginning of the end of Quest 2.

With the release of Meta AI, Llama 3, and Ray-Ban glasses, fans of Meta hardware products are expecting the new age of virtual reality and artificial reality in all upcoming Meta products.

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While the Quest 3 has more to offer, such as mixed reality support and a bump in specs, the Quest 3 is the best for its price.

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