Imagine an Instagram Experience But With Unskippable Ads

Meta’s Instagram is testing a new app experience that you may or may not like, brace yourself.

You know how on YouTube you have to watch the first 5 seconds of an ad or the full ad before watching the video you clicked on (premium users can’t relate), well Instagram is doing the same thing.

Instagram is calling this feature “ad-break,” and they are currently testing on a small number of audiences.

This feature might be a controversial one as many users are not onboard with it.

Source: @thedanlevy, X

An X user Dan Levy shared his experience of this feature:

The app legit stopped me from scrolling past this ad which is just a bonkers move to me.

“Got the Instagram “ad break” again & this time I clicked the info button to see their explanation”

So abusive to their users to do this”

“Ad breaks are a new way of seeing ads on Instagram. Sometimes you may need to view an ad before you can keep browsing,” reads the description of the new feature.

Users have begun reacting to the news

An X user @BillPrinter00 noted “I’d just close the app and re-start it.

Another @mrpyo1 said: “Social media apps fighting how to make the worst app possible challenge.”

Lastly another user @soursillypickle stated: “Instagram and YouTube are basically ads with some content.”

What do you think?

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