Meta Opens Its Mixed-Reality OS to Third-Party Developers

Meta is opening up its Meta Quest VR Headset Operating System to Third Party Developers.

Starting today, 22nd of April, 2024, Meta is opening its VR Operating System to developers. The name of the operating system is called Meta Horizon OS, it will be similar to operating system like Google Play Store and Apple App Store but for virtual reality developers.

The new open model operating system to virtual reality developers and makers like Asus, Lenovo and even an Xbox.

The Horizon OS is currently supported on all Meta Quest line for both VR and AR. Third party developers can now create virtual apps and games and upload to the Quest Store. Meta is planning to launch it's Horizon Store to third party developers.

According to Meta CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta is working with companies like Asus, Lenovo, and Microsoft to kick start a new age for open model VR experience.

According to Meta, Asus is currently working on "performance based" VR gaming headset under its Republic of Gamers brand, Lenovo is working on Meta Horizon OS-compatible VR devices. The company hinted Lenovo focus will be on "productivity, learning, and entertainment." As for Xbox it's partnering with Meta to make a limited edition, "inspired by Xbox" product.

Speculations from tech enthusiasts predict the new devices may use Meta Chips, since its announce of entering the chip maker business.

According to Meta its Horizon OS would be easy for publishers to publish apps and App Lab developers will receive a dedicated Horizon Store section, similar to other apps stores.

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There will also be a new framework for building mixed reality apps. Meta predicts hardware or software makers will create dedicated Virtual Reality devices and applications which will create and enabling use case experience.

We believe a more open ecosystem is the best way to bring the power of mixed reality to as many people as possible. With more devices, this new ecosystem will offer more choice to consumers and businesses around the world. Developers will have a much larger range of hardware that can run their apps, and more device makers will expand their market to a wider range of users, much like we’ve seen with PCs and smartphones.
- Meta

The question left to ask is, how will Meta competitors respond?

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