TIPS: Best ways to Study a Course or Subject you find Difficult

Let’s face it, most of us don’t like reading school books and that is because of the obligation attached to it. And some subjects are just plain difficult. For Example, Mathematics. I’m sure you guessed it too. But the thing is you have to pass the subject and not liking it is a problem for you.

So, I am going to be explaining the best way to study a course or subject even if you don’t like it or find it difficult.


You know that you are the boss of your mind? Well if you don’t know, I am telling you now. Whatever you want your mind to believe, trust me, that’s what it’s going to believe. So all you have to do is tell your mind that if you don’t read, you won’t pass. It’s that simple. Let me be honest, at first, you’d feel like it’s not working but if you continue saying it, one day you’d believe it. You won’t realize when, but you’d just see yourself believing it.

Cultivate the habit of reminding yourself and your mind(most especially) that if you don’t read, you won’t pass. And trust me you’d be getting better. You can also bring up other things to tell your mindset to help you read. And if for any reason you have a mindset that gives you the motivation not to read, try reversing it.

Example of the mindset that motivates one not to read: school na scam School isn’t a scam. A simple question you’d be asked, you’d start stuttering, cause you don’t know it. So see education as a means of being respected and seen as smart in the future. So you can say things like Education will make me smart Education will take me places. Education will help me improve my skills. And if you continue saying it, you’d one day believe it. And once you believe it, it is possible.

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Teachers or any other person would be like “for you to study well you have to put interest in the subject” Which interest? Like where is the interest coming from? I don’t like this subject and you are telling me to have an interest in the subject. If I had an interest in the first place I wouldn’t hate it! That aside, the truth is if you don’t have a reason to Like a subject, you won’t like it. And in this case, you must pass the subject or the course. So you must like it. Someone might ask, How do I create interest? Look for how that subject connects to your future ambitions. Example: Mathematics; you might think you don’t need maths for anything, how will maths help me as a Dancer? Or an Actor? Not directly, but indirectly though. According to psychology, Maths helps in sharpening your brain. You need a sharp brain to memorize scripts, you need a sharp brain to memorize dance moves. You don’t have to settle for less, Let maths help you become better than average. If you have not figured out what you want to be in life, that’s okay as long as you’re not over 20. You can create reasons to love maths. Probably to make you smarter. You could create other interests, passing a subject or a course depends mostly on you.


This is an unpopular truth, but if you want to pass any subject or course you must attend classes and not just attend classes but also pay attention. Some of the things the teacher or lecturer would say, are going to come out in your exams. Especially if he says something like “Listen carefully” or “It’s not on your note” This is something you’ve heard before, but it’s the truth. Another reason why you should pay attention in class is when you listen to a teacher, not just listening, understanding, and asking questions in class. You won’t forget. It is probably not something that works big time for everyone but it works. Then when you go home and read, my dear, forgetting it isn’t an issue. During exams, you’d remember most of the things the Lecturer said. Especially if you were actively participating in class. So don’t be shy, ask questions, and make contributions, and you’d surely pass.

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It’s just a catchy way to say study. Even if you don’t want to. I don’t know how best to spell it out, but once you forget a subject it will forget you, once it forgets you, you will fall. Times that are best to study.

  1. After the teacher has taught: when you get back home and have rested.
  2. probably a week or two weeks later.
  3. any other time you want.
  4. before the exams.

Don’t make excuses by saying the subjects are much, make a timetable, and be disciplined enough to see it through. No one can teach you how to be disciplined, it’s a personal decision.


I know our teachers have probably bragged about studying for five hours, six hours, etc and they expect you to do the same. But the truth is, even if you study from now until eternity, if you don’t understand what you are reading, you are just stressing yourself unnecessarily.
I am not saying it’s not okay to do so, but that’s not for everyone. As long as you are true to yourself, and you understand what you studied, you can stop or take a break.
Look for better methods to help you.
Ask a friend that you know, understand the subject better than yourself.
Watch videos on that particular topic (I do this very well)
Read articles on it.
Pretend you’re teaching someone the subject, so you’d read like you’re going to teach.

In conclusion, school isn’t a scam. No subject is greater than you. If you want to pass a subject you will. It is up to you to make that decision.

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