The Zombie Drug Addicts of Sierra Leone

Hard drugs have a very uncommon way of manipulating human behaviour, including digging up graves. Unfortunately, you heard that right. The government of Sierra Leone recently declared a state of emergency over the rising zombifying drug called kush.

Kush is a mixture of cannabis, fentanyl, tramadol, formaldehyde, and ground-down human bones. The use of the drug is rapidly increasing, not just in Sierra Leone but across West Africa as well, including Guinea and Liberia. Sierra Leone President Julius Maada has labelled the drug a “death trap.”

Despite its harm, including psychotic breaks or even death, its victims—young men and women—have become so addicted to the drug. Sights of unkept young adults with bruises and swollen feet are rapidly rising. Addicts of this drug are now desecrating corpses just for a puff, and who benefits from this? The suppliers.

Why human bones? The human bones in the mixture are theorised to contain the needed amount of sulphur. Others include cannabis, fentanyl, and tramadol, three of which are highly addictive, and formaldehyde, which can cause hallucinations. Human bones are ground and added to the mixture.

According to reports, Kush has reportedly resulted in the deaths of hundreds of young males and organ failure when induced. Hundreds more are admitted. The only psychiatric hospital in Sierra Leone, the Sierra Leone Psychiatric Hospital, has reported that from 2020 to 2023, there was a nearly 4,000% increase in admissions related to Kush, totalling 1,865 (BBC). “Psychologically, there is this is dependence- where the patient becomes dependent on the substance such that they cannot do anything without using the Kush. First thing in the morning they have to make sure they refill with the Kushand then later on as the day goes by, they continue the use,” Dr Jusu Mattia.

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“Our country is currently faced with an existential threat due to the ravaging impact of drugs and substance abuse, particularly the devastating synthetic drug kush,” President Bio said. The country is alert for grave diggers.

Protecting people from this drug is the mission of Warri Boys Social and Welfare Society, which is launching a one billion naira appeal for fundraising to build a multipurpose complex in Warri and, among other things, fight drug abuse. Date: 27th, April, 2024

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