Adekugbe Adetunji: Biography, Career & Life

Adekugbe Adetunji Adegbola

Adekugbe Adetunji Adegbola is a renowned IT professional and specialist. He specialises in web and software development, as well as networking.

Adetunji was born on March 8th, 1980, in Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Adetunji’s childhood dream was to become a doctor, but instead, he found IT, helping individuals, SMEs, and brands in the digital space.

Adekugbe Adegbola hails from Ondo State; his father, Adekugbe Robert, was a banker before he passed away at 82. Adetunji attended Lerato College, Ifako Ijaye, Lagos State, before proceeding to the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, for his degree in B.Edu. Chemistry.

While in school, Adetunji knew the future trajectory, so he sought IT-based knowledge. He taught himself how to code, develop, and design websites, and he also taught himself how to use tools like C#,, WordPress, MySQL, and PHP.

In 2003, Adekugbe Adetunji began his career at Class Internet Solutions as a network administrator before freelancing at Lion House as a network/system administrator in April 2011. He exited the company in February 2015.

Since leaving Lion House, Adekugbe Adetunji has gone on a journey to mentor the next generation of IT experts working in companies and institutions like Syncrev Technology, Aptech Computer Education, Nigeria (Centre Manager), and the College of Vocational Study (Computer Science/Engineering Lecturer), while also being a project manager at Programos Software. Currently he serve as the Technical Lead of Techeconomy.

Adekugbe Adegbola is married to Adekugbe Ibironke and is the proud father of Adekugbe Adedayo. Beyond work hours, he partakes in hobbies like reading, researching, football, music, the arts, and travelling.

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