Key Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Imagine this, a working class Woman or man who is so diligent in his or her work, one day comes to work looking so sad and angry. There are so many factors but most of the time it’s a relationship problem.
An unhealthy relationship, affects other aspects of our life and it’s very important to be in and maintain a healthy relationship.
Relationship is a very important aspect of life, we all have different aspects of relationship whether it’s dating or friendship relationship. And maintaining a healthy relationship is very important for our overall health. Not just our health, a healthy relationship is important for our happiness and peace of mind. It’d important for other aspects of our lives and other relationships as well.

Ways to Maintain a Healthy Relationship


Communication is a very important aspect of any relationship, especially if you want to maintain a healthy one. You cannot have a healthy relationship without an effective communication. Let’s imagine something else. A girl is mad that her boyfriend forgot her birthday day party, though it was wrong of him but if she told him, he’d feel very bad and make up for it, which will put a smile on her face. But if she decided to keep quiet she’d be angry and at a point it would affect their relationship. Communication is important, sitting down to discuss goals, to discuss plans and talk about what their partner did that annoyed them is a good way to maintain a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship needs effective communication for it to work.


Love is very important for a healthy relationship but trust is something that will keep that relationship healthy and going. You need to trust your friends and they need to trust you too. You need to be able to be free with them and be honest with them only if they’re willing to be free with you and be honest as well. Honesty builds trust, if your partner knows the truth or your motive behind what you do, trust will be present. Lieing to your partner or friend is an easy way to break trust and love without trust is nothing. If you want to build trust in any relationship, make sure you’re honest. Another way to build trust in a relationship is to make sure you don’t pretend. Don’t pretend to be perfect when you’re not perfect. Don’t pretend to know book, if you don’t. Just be you around your partner. Let him know that you’re that crazy girl.

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A healthy relationship needs effort and one can’t give that effort to someone they don’t like. If you enter a relationship with someone you don’t like, you won’t be interested in effective communication or trying to be you around the person. Don’t become friends with someone who you don’t like or don’t like vibing with. It will end up being an unhealthy relationship.


Respecting your partner, friends or family members is very important to maintain a healthy relationship. You need to have mutual respect for the person you’re in a relationship with. How do you respect someone you’re in a relationship with? Just saying I respect him or her, is not enough. Respecting someone means; You understand the person’s boundaries. When she says I prefer you call before coming over, do well to call before coming over. If he says he doesn’t like when someone wears slippers to his room, as small as it is respect that.


try to understand the feelings and point of view of the person you’re in a relationship with, that’s a sign of respect. You need to understand that you cannot have the same mindset with the person, this shows you respect the person and still wants the relationship to work.

Quality Time:

In any aspect of a relationship, spending time with the person is a huge factor in making a relationship work. You can’t be in a healthy relationship with someone and you don’t go out with the person or do fun things with the person. Spending Quality time with the people you love, will help a lot in maintaining a healthy relationship.

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Independence and interdependence:

Because you’re in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean you should loose yourself and who you are. A healthy relationship involves growing as an individual and also helping each other to grow. Don’t give up your goals and aspiration for someone. Be you and let who you are be what attracts the person. And grow together, help each other be the best version of themselves.

Deal with Personal Issues:

If you have attachment issues, deal with it before you enter any relationship so that it would be healthy and you won’t have regrets. If you have commitment or trust issues do the needful and deal with it. Don’t enter a relationship when you’re not mentally ready, if will lead to heartbreaks and regret.

Affection and Appreciation:

Always remember to appreciate your partners once In awhile. Remind them how special they are to you. Give them gifts and understand their love language. Do what makes them happy and that’s something that brings about a healthy relationship.

Forgiveness and Apologizing:

The thing is, sometimes we humans don’t realize that simply because you don’t see anything wrong with it, doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt the other person. If you hurt someone you love, try and understand why it hurts the person and apologize for it. It might not be a big deal to you, but it hurt the person and because it hurt the person, apologize. And forgiveness is key too. Learn to forgive your partner or friend because everyone will hurt you, intentionally or not intentionally. So learn to move on from hurt. If you refuse to forgive a partner, then you’d always have lines of breakups because you find it hard to forgive, no one is perfect, not even you. In conclusion, maintaining a healthy relationship is work, so love the person to go through that work together. A healthy relationship makes one happy and in peace, so it’s worth fighting for.

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