“Y’all Gotta Stop Acting Like Everybody Knows That Man Is Married,” Anita Brown on Davido in New Scandal

Moments after an American stylist posted a cosy picture of herself and Davido, Anita Brown took to social media to explain the stylist’s situation. She said not everyone in America knows Davido is married. She elaborated by stating that Davido wasn’t widely recognized until the release of his latest album or until he was involved in a new controversy.

Y’all Gotta Stop Acting Like Everybody Knows That Man Is Married. It’s So Many People In America Never Heard Of Him Until His Recent Album Or Because Of Drama. He Don’t Even Post His Wife. Celebs Like Clout, Why That Man Never Post His Wedding & His New Babies Or Post His Wife Enough For It To Be KNOWN. Y’all Gotta Stop Coming For These Females, It’s Getting Old. Put Some More Emphasis On YOUR WIFE, That’s What Real Respectable Husbands Do.

Anita Brown via Threads (ninatheelite)

The Controversy

An American influencer/stylist who goes by Gorgeous Doll posted a picture of Davido and herself but instead drew backlash from netizens. To clarify, she explained that she’s just friends with Davido.

On her TikTok account on April 15, she explained the nature of her relationship with Davido:

“I did not know that this man was married. Anytime I was around Davido, it was for one or two things okay? It was either because I was styling him for an event because that’s what I do, whether it’s athletes or rappers. Another thing I would do is help him with bookings when he comes into Atlanta. I would call the club owners and tell them ‘Hey Davido is in town, do y’all want to book him?

At this point, I had never seen a wife, only baby mamas and I knew he had multiple baby mamas. I didn’t care because it wasn’t my business to ask and I never thought to ask ‘Are you married.

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