Top 10 Longest Bridges in Africa

Third mainland bridge, Lagos, Nigeria

Connecting point A to point B can be extremely difficult, especially if these two points are intercities. Say all you want about Africa, but you can’t deny its beauty, especially in infrastructure.

Bridges affect our daily lives, directly or indirectly. The goods you bought are from the other side of a bridge. They help boost trade, connections, and relationships within and outside countries.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 longest bridges in Africa, but first, let’s appreciate the innovative designs and hard work of all involved.

10. Katima Mulilo Bridge – 900m

Across the  Zambezi River is Katima Mulilo Bridge, also known as Bridge 508. This bridge connects Namibia and Zambia; its existence enhances trade and tourism between the two countries and environs. The 900-metre bridge was completed in 2004.

9. Mkapa Bridge, 970m

Named after the late Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa, this bridge spans the River Rufiji in Ikwiriri, Tanzania. It connects the southern region to the rest of the country. The bridge, inaugurated in 2003, was financed with a US$30 million fund from Kuwait, OPEC, and Saudi Arabia before its launch in the same year.

8. Wouri Bridge, 1.8 km

The Wouri Bridge is fascinating as it accommodates both road and rail transport. It connects Douala to the port of Bonabéri, while the rails go straight to western Cameroon. The economic advantage of this bridge can’t be overstressed.

7. Qasr Al-Nil Bridge, 1.93 Km

6. Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge, 2.37 Km

Located in Mozambique, it crosses the Zambezi River. It connects the provinces of Sofala and Zambezia. It spans the Bay of Maputo and was named by former Mozambican President Armando Guebuza.

5. Dona Ana Bridge, 3.67Km

The fifth-longest bridge in Africa is the Dona Ana Bridge; with over 3.67 kilometres, it is a wonder in Mozambique. Connecting the towns of Vila de Sena and Mutarara in Mozambique. It is also the longest suspension bridge in Africa.

4. Mozambique Island Bridge, 3.8 Km

This1969 bridge is the largest bridge in Mozambique and the fourth in Africa. The 3.8-kilometre bridge spans across the Indian Ocean, connecting the island of Mozambique to the mainland.

3. Suez Canal Bridge, 3.9 Km

Also known as the Mubarak Peace Bridge, it connects the continents of Africa and Asia. It was completed in 2001, and it is vital for the transportation of goods and people between the two continents.

2. Third Mainland Bridge, 11.8 Km

Located in Africa’s most populated country, Nigeria, the Third Mainland Bridge is vital for intracity transportation in Lagos. It is 11.8km long, linking Lagos Island and the mainland. The 1990 bridge plays an important role in Nigeria’s economy.

1. 6th October Bridge, 20.5 Km

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