5 Beautiful Sightseeing Places To Travel With Your Partner To In Nigeria.

The world at large is full of beautiful, natural and mind blowing sights that would make one do nothing but wonder and give glory to the creator of these things. Nigeria as every other parts of the world has these beautiful places and has it in abundance. In this article we would be looking at few of those places that would definitely catch your attention. Are you looking for a place where you can have an amazing time this December? If yes, then relax, because I will be sharing some beautiful sight-seeing places you can visit in Nigeria and make your December an unforgettable experience.

Nigeria is a country known for its diverse rich cultures, different cultural dishes, breathtaking landscapes, and lots of beautiful tourist attractions.

Obudu Cattle Ranch and Resort

Located in Cross River State, Nigeria, Obudu cattle ranch is one of Africa’s most popular tourist attractions and has drawn the attention of travel enthusiasts from all around the world. This beautiful sightseeing spot is surrounded by lush green vegetation, mountains, and breathtaking landscapes. The climate is very friendly, with a serene environment, which makes it an attractive destination for travel lovers.

Get lost with a series of attractions such as horseback riding, a canopy walkway, cataract waterfall, intestinal road view, a visit to the holy mountain, grotto, the Becheeve Nature Reserve, Angel’s Valley View, etc. Palmer yourself with it’s 24-hour gym and fitness center, luxury spa, and in-house restaurant that offer delicious three-course meals. If you’re looking for a place to have a mix of adventure and make your December memorable, then Obudu Cattle Ranch is definitely the best place to be. There are lots of endless fun activities to make December exciting.

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Visual image from Obudu Cattle Ranch

Lekki Conservation Center

Located in Lagos State, Nigeria, Lekki Conservation Center is a leading tourist attraction in Africa with countless sight-seeing activities. It is regarded as a nature reserve and is home to thousands of plants and wildlife animals. If you’re seeking a feel for nature with a blend of adventure, then Lekki Conservation Center is where you should be.

Discover and indulge yourself with lots of endless activities like a visit to the longest canopy walkway in Africa, a nature walk with a series of monkeys, floor board games like monopoly, chess, ludo, etc., a visit to the animal hunt where you can have a view and take pictures with a 95-year-old tortoise, peacock, crocodile, snake, etc. Make your December fun with a visit to their family park for picnics and get-togethers.

Visual image from Lekki Conservation Center

Nike Art Gallery

If you’re someone who loves and appreciates the beauty of artwork, then you should visit the Nike Art Gallery. The gallery is located in Lagos State, Nigeria, with two other branches in Abuja, Kogi, and Osun State. It is regarded as the biggest art gallery in Africa and has attracted the attention of art lovers all over the world. Every moment spent at the Nike art gallery is memorable and fascinating, as lots of interesting contemporary artworks from different Nigerian artists are displayed there, alongside beautiful African tie and dye materials. If you want to have a feel for culture and witness African stories told through paintings, then consider taking a trip this December to the Nike art gallery.

Visual image from the Nike Art Gallery

Ngwo Pine Forest

Experience romance, love, relaxation, and the natural wonders of nature with a trip to the Ngwo pine forest. Situated in Enugu State, Nigeria, the pine forest is a definition of nature’s gift to its people. This beautiful sightseeing spot has not only drawn the attention of Nigerians but has also attracted a lot of travel enthusiasts worldwide. Aside from having a feel for the thousands of pine trees that make up the beauty of the forest, this hidden gem also houses lots of caves and waterfalls, which makes it a perfect place to travel to this December.

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Visual image from Ngwo Pine Forest

Millennium Park, Abuja

Millennium Park is simply one of the best magical places you can travel to in Nigeria this December. This beautiful park was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II on 4th December , 2003, and is the largest park in Abuja. Experience and savor the park’s natural, lush tropical vegetation and breathtaking landscapes. This budget-friendly park is home to thousands of tourists, both from Nigeria and the world at large, and it serves as a perfect spot for family or group picnics.

Make your December exciting, fun, and memorable with a visit to the children’s playground and a view of several beautiful fountains and waterfalls perfect for sightseeing.

Visual image from Millennium Park

Nigeria is home to countless beautiful sightseeing places that can make your vacation alone or with your partner exciting, fun, memorable and leaves you with an unforgettable experience. A trip to these beautiful sight-seeing places can never be boring. From a visit to the holy mountain, the longest canopy walkway, beautiful pine forest, a view of artistic works, and the magical nature of Millennium Park, your vacations will be nothing but a fulfilling and amazing adventure.

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