Essential Skincare Routines You Can’t Afford to Skip

Skincare routines are essential to maintaining and achieving the perfect skin, but how do we achieve it? What do we do next? What are the best types of products to use? Once you’ve finished reading this article, you should have the best skincare knowledge at your fingertips.

The key to getting your perfect glow is applying the right products that work for you, and the key to maintaining it is consistency. Sadly, some people skip the important steps and wonder why their product doesn't work for them.

Should you wish to attain a glowing complexion, here are the general skincare steps you must not skip in your routine.

Cleaning: Face washing with soap and water sounds nice, but it isn't advisable. What you should do instead is use a face cleanser. It removes the dirt and impurities accumulated over time. Make sure you use a cleanser that works with your skin type, and depending on your skin type, you can get a soft face cleanser.

It is advisable to cleanse your face twice a day, and before you do, use a face wipe to clean off the sweat.

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Exfoliate: This process helps achieve smooth and spotless skin. It removes dead skin cells, excess oil, and deep-settled oil, and promotes cell turnover. For skin that is more radiant and glows, it’s recommended to exfoliate at least twice a week. Remember to use a mild exfoliant and don't be excessive; you want to avoid irritation.

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Toning: You might not notice this, but even after the steps involved in cleansing and exfoliating, traces of dirt and bacteria can still linger on your skin. These processes open pores, which can invite bacteria and lead to acne. A toner will thoroughly clean the skin, balance your skin's pH levels, and tighten pores.

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Hydration: Before you continue, if you haven't drank water, do so now. Drinking water is essential for healthy skin; it keeps your skin plump and nourished. Drink enough water and stay hydrated.

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Moisturizing: Lock your hydrated skin with a moisturizer. Another function of a moisturizer its keep your skin protected whether oily or dry. Choose a moisturizer that works for you and stick with it. Moisturize twice daily, morning and night.

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Sunscreen: Considering the increasing daytime temperatures in most regions, it will be a good idea to use sunscreen. It's advisable to keep your skin sun protected. In a sunny condition, it is recommended to apply at least every three hours especially if you're outside hence apply every morning.

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If you reside in an environment that is extremely hot, do not stay under the sun for a long period of time.

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Watch Your Health: Don't rely on only products, get in shape, and eat healthy. Whatever may affect your health avoid it and if you need help, seek a dermatologist.

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