8 Healthy Benefits Of Eating Breakfast

Breakfast is most times referred to as the most important meal of day, and many researches has proven this to be true. Breakfast is simply a meal used to break the long period of overnight break from food because we are possibly asleep. Eating something nutritious at the beginning of your day has an important impact on your overall well-being.
After a long hour of sleep of about 8 hours, it is required that one eats breakfast to replenish the body system and energy level.
Do you want to maintain an active lifestyle? Then, a breakfast meal is very necessary for you. This is simply by obtaining morning calories from a well-balanced meal.
Some benefits of grabbing yourself a healthy breakfast in the morning includes:

Enhances Energy

The body’s energy source is glucose. Glucose is broken down and absorbed from the food you eat which are mostly carbohydrates. Some glucose are stored as glycogen, during the long break period of not eating, which is overnight before morning, your body releases those glycogen into your blood streams which are very important for most part of your body, most importantly the brain.
In the morning, after you have gone through this long break period without food, your glycogen level becomes low. Eating breakfast will help you boost your energy level and restores your glycogen.

Enhances Concentration and Focus

Ever started work or attended morning lectures on an empty stomach? It feels uneasy, right? Eating breakfast improves concentration and focus. When you are hungry, it is harder to concentrate. Breakfast significantly benefits your body, enhancing productivity, creativity, coordination, and keeping you alert throughout the day. It provides the energy needed for increased physical activity. Your body and brains begin to crave nutrients to function well. It is important to start the day with nutritious foods like milk, fruits, and whole grains.

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Brain Function Boost

Studies show that people who eat nutritious breakfast perform better in school. Students who eat breakfast are believed to perform better than those who don’t on standardized tests and score higher in key aspects of academics like reading and arithmetic. Skipping breakfast may lead to lethargy and difficulty concentrating due to the brain lacking essential glucose. Research indicates that skipping breakfast can impact memory, concentration, and mental agility. Regular breakfast consumption is linked to better academic performance in children and teenagers, fostering a sense of connectedness with positive outcomes.

Improved Metabolism

Metabolism, the process of digesting food for energy, is naturally low after sleep. A healthy breakfast is essential to boost metabolism for the day’s tasks, kick-starting calorie burning and nutrient consumption. Skipping breakfast slows the morning start, leading to excessive hunger and potential unhealthy meal choices.

Enhanced Digestion

Insoluble fiber in breakfast cereals, whole-wheat bread, and fruits supports proper digestion. Research suggests fiber may reduce the risk of colon cancer. Typical breakfast meals, like cereals, contain “friendly” bacteria promoting digestive health.

Weight Management

Eating breakfast can help you manage your body weight. Fearing weight gain, many people drastically reduce meals or skip breakfast, this is a discouraged habit. Studies show that skipping breakfast may contribute to weight gain. Over 75% of individuals successfully maintaining significant weight loss consume breakfast daily, emphasizing its importance.

Boost Immune System

Some healthy and fermented food choice for breakfast are important to your overall immune system. Eating breakfast may lead to a reduced risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and inflammation.

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May help fight against Hair Loss

Breakfast delivers essential micronutrients while reducing stress on your body. When you skip breakfast, it can cause follicles to enter your resting state, increasing a likelihood of hair loss. After a long break period of skipping food, a protein rich breakfast provides nutrition IQ to the hair and promotes healthy hair development.
What other benefits of eating breakfast do you know of? Do you find this helpful? Tell us in the comment session.

Written By Maryam Nababa

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