Dr Disrespect Explains Reasons for Twitch Ban

Dr Disrespect & TwitchDr Disrespect & Twitch

Dr Disrespect via Twitter has explained the reasons behind his 2020 Twitch ban. Late last week allegations surrounding the beef were rumoured to be “inappropriate” messages to minors, which led to his permanent ban from Twitch.

Before his 2020 ban, Guy Beahm professionally known as Dr Disrespect, was one of the most followed streamers on Twitch and regarded by most as the ‘Face of Twitch.’ He had a multi-year contract with the Amazon-owned platform.

In a statement sent to Dexerto, Twitch said: “As is our process, we take appropriate action when we have evidence that a streamer has acted in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. These apply to all streamers regardless of status or prominence in the community.”

Last week an ex-Twitch employee claimed that Doc was banned after being found messaging a minor through the Twitch whispers feature, but Dr Disrespect claimed “no wrongdoings” were found.

To clarify his last statement released on the 25th of June, Dr Disrespect admitted to having messaged a minor in 2017 which he claimed were just “casual, mutual conversations.”

“Were there twitch whisper messages with an individual minor back in 2017? The answer is yes. Were there real intentions behind these messages, the answer is absolutely not. These were casual, mutual conversations that sometimes leaned too much in the direction of being inappropriate, but nothing more. Nothing illegal happened, no pictures were shared, no crimes were committed, I never even met the individual.” [The statement was later edited]

“I should have never entertained these conversations to begin with. That’s on me. That’s on me as an adult, a husband and a father. It should have never happened. I get it. I’m not perfect and I’ll f**king own my shit. This was stupid,” he said regretting his actions.

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On his June 24 stream, the streamer announced he is taking an indefinite break from streaming to be with family but made it known he isn’t retiring from streaming. The game studio, Midnight Society, has cut ties with Dr Disrespect.

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