Man Narrates Why He Ended His Relationship with His Ex: “She Hated it When I Helped Anyone Financially”

Retired Uncle

Responding to a post on X (fkaTwitter), a man narrated the real reason why he had to pull the plug in his relationship. The original post was by @HinduMustafa, who asked, “What killed your feelings for someone you were once madly in love with?”

The man who go by Retired Uncle (@uncle_retired) quoted the post and his response caused a discussion on TwitterNG. “She hated it when I helped anyone financially. As long as I’m not giving her the money, I shouldn’t give anyone else,” he said. She would always point out something unnecessary that she could do with that money I just wasted as she termed it. For instance, I could give a family 20k to buy food and she will say “you just wasted that money on people that may be lying to you. The money I could have used for a spa day”

Retired Uncle went on to describe who she was: “You guessed it, she was a “Zainab” too. WITCH

Here are some of the replies the man got:

From @LanaseUsman: “Congratulations to you sir. A woman like this will not allow you help ANYBODY, not even your family and friends. She will also cause enmity between you and your family members. I am happy for you o. some men don enter am like this.”

From @Nefisah001: “Congratulations. Your eye for peel, I have a married friend whose wife is like this and it is hell, even if the money goes to his own family she’ll complain. Lastly, please o, all the Zainabs I know are amazing pple. Maybe her real name is Precious”

From @iamokecrown: “I have a friend who does the exact same thing… She can’t stand her parents giving money to anyone that is not her. I once visited her and the mother dashed me 5K. She became restless and even stopped talking to me.”

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