Áwí má yẹ hùn: An Exclusive With Dimimu

Dimimu, an inspiring and audacious gospel artist, reached out to me to discuss his new single, which at the time was few hours away from publishing. Why would I say no? I have heard his discography, and his last song, Ogo Re Gbe Mi Sare ft. BOA is just a masterpiece for a gospel artist.

“I’ve written ‘Áwí má yẹ hùn’ on my notepad for more than two years,” he said in an exclusive interview with me. The song written in less that 6 hours was inspired by “by deep thoughts of how mysterious that personality, which is the personality of the one true and only supreme God who never goes back on His words.

Áwí má yẹ hùn’ is a Yoruba word which means someone who doesn’t go back on their words and that’s Dimimu prayer to his listeners, “I hope listeners will understand that Our Father will never go back on his words therefore His promises still stands.”

For Christians, Faith is powerful and Dimimu wants everyone listening to have faith and remember that God never fails.

What’s next? Blessings and Glory—a worship medley Dimimu exclusively told us.

Faith isn’t separate from his creativity, in fact it is “intertwined” with it. Dimimu advice to other upcoming gospel artists is for them not to chase what’s trending but what’s in their hearts and make “God their source of inspiration.”

To enjoy Dimimu latest track, click this link.

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