Why IllBliss took a break from music

Nigerian rapper and actor Tobechukwu Ejiofor professionally known as Illbliss has described why he took a break from music.

In an interview with HipTV, the rapper revealed his wife had birth complications during the pregnancy of their second daughter.

“We rushed to the hospital and they said it was about to be a miscarriage. I abandoned that album. I just went from one hospital to the other. My child survived but it was a lot of drama. She is three and a half years now. And my first daughter came after eight years of marriage. Two of my kids came to this world very dramatically. So I took time off to be a dad. To just take it all in. Try and spend time and raise these kids,” he said. 

He also explained that during this sabbatical with music, he took the opportunity to diversify: “Also, I was trying to find diversification. So I moved into television as well. I had done ‘King Of Boys’ a year before then and I just felt like I needed to produce more; shoot more films, documentaries and get into spaces where I could still express myself artistically without just putting out music. So, I took a break from music. All of these is what has been happening in the last four years.”

What the video here:

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