VeryDarkMan Disses Bobrisky: “Your Gbola Big Pass My Own”

Social media influencer and Internet personality, VeryDarkMan, has released a diss track for Bobrisky after news broke out confirming Bobrisky is a man.

On April 15th, the officials of the Nigerian Correction Services (NCoS) said Bobrisky underwent screening, which proved his male genitals were still intact. According to them, Bobrisky is treated like any other male inmate.

“After a thorough examination, it was revealed there was no evidence of gender or genital organ realignment. Bobrisky’s male biological characteristics remained unchanged”—The Nigerian Correctional Services (NCoS).

After this revelation, VeryDarkMan took to his Instagram page to diss Bobrisky, saying that after Bobrisky paraded himself as a woman, he is still a man.

Here’s the video:

In a conversation with Punch, a source explained his condition:

“After that, a cell was allocated to him, and he had a certain number of inmates with him. A bed space was also allotted to him. It is just like a boarding house where your housemaster will issue you your personal belongings. When it is time for class, he attends. When it is time for food, he will go and get his portion. The same goes with prep and light out. He observes all these without preference. He has been going about his business just like other inmates since he was brought in here”

The source explained that he will not be getting any preferential treatment: “He is not getting any five-star treatment and is not being protected from anybody. He follows the same rules and regulations just like every other inmate. Single cells of isolation cells are to prevent outbreaks of communicable diseases. In a male prison, homosexuality is outlawed and it is a grievous offence. Sodomy or homosexuality, is frowned upon here in the custodial centre. So any inmate that tries to violate him will face the law.”

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