‘Dilli Dark’ Trailer: First Look At Indian-Nigerian Comedy

Dilli Dark is an Indian-Nigerian cross-culture comedy film exploring the life of an African in the beautiful city of New Delhi, India.

The movie follows the journey of a Nigerian, Michael Okeke, who dreams of living in New Delhi and obtaining his MBA. Yet, his aspirations are obstructed by his previous life as a drug dealer. Michael, being African, has to navigate the Indian culture as he will face racial discrimination.

The movie stars Nollywood actor Samuel Abiola Robinson, Geetika Vidya Ohlyan and Shantanu Anam. Directed by Dibakar Das Roy.

I am back!!! And happy to be Announcing my Next film DILLI DARK; A film about racial discrimination and what life is like for people with darker skin in Delhi and India as a whole,” Samuel Robinson.

The director tells IANS that the film was conceived as an amalgamation of ideas that stemmed from personal experiences including being bullied for having dark skin as well as events that happen in Delhi — racial prejudices against Africans and other dark-skinned people — that brought together themes of race, colour and identity. (Outlook)

See the trailer below:

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