Tola Falonipe Tells The Story Love But In The 70s In “ÀDÙNNÍ”

"Adunni," a Short Film"Adunni," a Short Film

Nigerian writer and director, Tola Falonipe, is revamping the story of love in her new short film, ÀDÙNNÍ. The plot, which takes place in the 70s tells the love story of two childhood friends who reconnect after a long time apart. Explore the story of rediscovery, love, understanding and desire.


“Adunni” is a heartwarming short film set in the small town of Irepodun in 1970s Southwestern Nigeria. The story follows Adunni, a young woman returning home from Lagos, and Banjoko, her childhood friend, who harbours deep feelings for her. As Adunni struggles with her desire for a broader horizon beyond Irepodun, Banjoko tries to win her heart.
Through humour and nostalgia, the film explores themes of love, growth, and the beauty of embracing one’s roots.

What we know:

The film was written, directed and produced by Tola Falonipe, starring Sharon Abisola Alabi, Damilare Lawal, and Mary Taiwo Omidiora who played the roles of Adunni, Banjoko, and Labisi respectively. Adeyinka Ojo and Marvellous Edema were on set, the cinematographers behind this project. The film is expected to span 13 minutes and 14 seconds.

Tola had to be the director, producer and makeup artist to bring this project to life while saving costs. The film was shot in one for more than 6 hours. Tola is currently working on her next project coming out in August 2024.

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