17 Blockbuster Hits Will Smith Starred In That Grossed Over $100 Million

Will SmithWill Smith as Deadshot

Will Smith holds one of Hollywood’s most impressive records, which might remain unbroken for a long time. He is the “only actor in the history of Hollywood to have 8 consecutive films make more than $100 million in the box office,” according to an X account.

Will Smith is undoubtedly one of the finest actors of his generation. The way he embodies his characters has to be studied.

Fans made a list of 17 consecutive films that have grossed over $100 million, but the list excludes The Legend of Bagger Vance, Focus, and Seven Pounds, which grossed $70,000,000.

Here’s the full list and how much they have currently made:

Bad Boys: $141,407,024

Independence Day: $817,400,891

Men In Black: $589,300,000

Enemy Of The State: $250,400,876

Wild Wild West: $222,110,000

Men In Black 2: $440,800,000

Bad Boys 2: $273,300,000

I Robot: $353,100,000

Shark Tale: $374,600,000

Hitch: $371,600,000

The Pursuit of Happiness: $307,000,000

I Am Legend: $585,000,000

Hancock: $620,000,000

Men In Black 3: $654,000,000

Suicide Squad: $749,000,00

Bad Boys For Life: $425,000,000

Aladdin: $1,054,000,000

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