Kanye West Calls Kai Cenat an “Industry Plant” and Warns Him Not To Call His Daughter’s Name

Kai Cenat and Kanye WestKai Cenat and Kanye West

There’s a viral clip of American rapper Ye (Kanye West) calling out Twitch streamer Kai Cenat. Kanye West is not pleased with Kai Cenat for calling his daughter by name and naming him an Industry Plant.

On the wrong side of the future. If you’re posting something negative, you’re on the wrong side of the future because, you know, we’re out here, stepping away from Adidas. Like, the s**t that Kai said – that’s some industry plant s**t. Of course, he’s a total f**king… that exact genre is the most industry plant. It’s about, like, influence and mind control,” Ye said in the viral clip from The Download podcast.

One thing that angered Kanye West the most was Kai Cenat made referencing his daughter North during a stream. “Don’t mention my daughter’s name and then you dissing what’s paying their $200,000 a month child support. That don’t make God happy,” Kanye West warns Kai.

A few months ago, Kai Cenat on his stream criticized Yeezy, which Ye was uncomfortable with. This led Kanye West to send multiple Instagram DMs to Kai Cenat. Kai Cenat then shared Ye’s DM to his fans via his stream and then called Kanye West’s manager, John Monopoly.

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