Skit Making: A quick look into Street Creed Videos (SCV) as a Brand.

Street Creed Videos (SCV) is a power house film production brand that seeks to engage fans will thrilling videos in form of skits or shorts. Street Creed showcases characters as seen on the streets.

In an Exclusive interview with a member of the SCV Crew he had this to say;

Our videos could be funny videos, real life happens for moral lessons to the people, interviews on the street and so much more because we intend to keep moving with the tides, bring our fans the very best.

The story behind the name Street Creed is coined from the initial word Street Credibility. Looking at the Nigeria society many things are happening every day and with our videos we wish to portray those happenings and turn them into entertainment.

First project and inspiration behind it.

We shot our very first skit on 2nd of March, 2024 and it was such an awesome experience. Before that day we had always had plans of starting but we just didn’t start.

Our very first releases “Mr Saviour, No Saviour for the Poor” portrays a Nigerian man who is in die love with Garri also known as by its numerous names such as Grocery, life saver, cassava flakes, student power, saviour and many more. It is one of the most common eatable known to the common man in Nigeria and use to be very affordable but now due to the current state of things, the average man cannot even afford it anymore.

Looking at the Future

Moving on we will be working on creating fun, educative, entertaining, thrilling and captivating videos that would be worth every megabyte used by our fans to watch our videos.

There are many people in the industry today but still we look to stand out with our unique content that our fans can relate with.
All I can say is stay tuned, Follow us on our Social Media Platforms, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and turn on your notifications because we are here to keep you entertained.

Producer: Omogbai Desmond

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