Lady Explains “Why many Africans are still poor even after moving abroad”

As an African, if you have family abroad, it is by default that you think they are living comfortably abroad. It’s one of the promises we make to ourselves when we apply for visas.

Reality hits differently when we travel and see the world with our eyes, and it is sad that those back home don’t see the same thing. A Nigerian TikTok user posted a video called Miss Yusuf.

Miss Yusuf argues why Africans who travel abroad for “greener pastures” remain poor. Her argument points out certain mistakes, including behaviour and perspective.

She claims people create a false perception or identity of themselves when they travel abroad, which makes people back home think they’re something they’re not.

According to her, when some travel abroad, they include country flags in their names, post pictures with designers, and create false personas that diverge from reality. This makes people think they must be rich, so they bill (ask for money).

They work double but can’t keep up to sustain this deceptive lifestyle. While this seems harmless, she warns against living such a life.

Watch the video below:

Here are some replies:

callie_segura said; “This why moving in silence is so important!!!”

chikepaschal said; “IF THEY BILL YOU BLOCK THEM.”

George sh said; “My girlfriend told me to stop all this billing st and focus more on myself and I’m happy I c.”

somethinghungry girl said; “Someone once told me it’s better to spend money on your self and dress up than to save. I just smh.”

Noekie + said; “my parents came in the late 80s in New York. it was no time to be showing off.”

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