Original Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter says there will only be a Wonder Woman 3 if there’s ‘enough pressure from fans’

After seeing Wonder Woman 3, the first actress for the iconic DC character, Lynda Carter, described the movie has “really interesting, wonderful and about something important. Not just your typical thing.” She starred in the live-action series from 1975 to 1979.

Lynda Carter made a cameo in Patty Jenkins “Wonder Woman 1984” as Asteria, a legendary Amazonian warrior who was declared missing and dead. For many who believed there will be a third installment after seeing Wonder Woman 1984 they were in shock after hearing it was “Dead.”

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment she described the ship to the third installment could continue to sail, if there’s enough pressure from fans.

“I don’t think they want to do it unless there’s enough pressure from fans…I just don’t think they have the mind to do it. And I don’t understand that, because it seems to me that Wonder Woman is different from other characters. She’s not just a superhero. Her whole thing is about peaceful solutions. She’s not aggressive to be aggressive. It’s a different story. It’s about inner strength, outer strength. I don’t know why they tabled it, because it’s a great franchise.”

2017 Wonder Woman had an audience score of 83% and Wonder Woman 1984 got an audience score of 73% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s quite unfortunate the 2022 sequel to Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman didn’t get much reception from fans, many preferred the 2020 version and called it the best in the past decade.

Any expectation for a new Wonder Woman reboot under Gal Gadot will be decided by DC Studio new co-CEOs, James Gunn and Peter Safran.

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“I have to give a lot of credit to Patty and Gal because the interest in my show had peaked when they came on the scene. [Their vision] was intentional — and how I played the character was intentional. To be good, kind, strong and do everything for the right reasons. Even when she was angry, she was angry at the right people.” – Lynda Cater

Jenkins had already been developing Wonder Woman 3 when the news broke to him. “I never walked away. I was open to considering anything asked of me. It was my understanding there was nothing I could do to move anything forward at this time. DC is obviously buried in changes they are having to make, so I understand these decisions are difficult right now,” Jenkins via Twitter (Now X).

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